Success Stories

Cameron is a success story of the Partners for Change program at the Center for Family Services (CFS). He epitomizes the positive change and inner strength that CFS strives to assist its clients in actualizing. Cameron, who is in his early twenties, came to CFS in late January 2015. Cameron reported using multiple substances over the past year and reported that his use had rapidly spiraled out of control, describing his life as “unmanageable”.

Cameron entered treatment at CFS with an open mind and participated in weekly group therapy and monthly individual sessions. He began attending daily A.A. meetings and working a 12-step program.  Cameron took full advantage of his services at CFS; he was active, open, and honest during treatment. He frequently offered other clients support, feedback and regularly shared his story. He shared that group therapy was very helpful during his recovery and that he felt the organization’s use of the evidence based practice, Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS), specifically the use of two measures, the Outcome Rating Scale and the Session Rating Scale, allowed him to accurately share his experiences and offer real-time feedback.  Additionally, Cameron stated that the organization’s use of PCOMS confirmed his belief that CFS therapists were thoroughly invested in his recovery and that he had a voice in the services he received.

Cameron is now in his second-year internship for A/C vocational school and is excelling at his job. Cameron has recently completed his 12-steps and has started sponsoring other individuals in A.A. He has begun taking leadership roles in the local recovery community by chairing an A.A. meeting every week. Cameron has also devoted extra free time to FCYPAA, the Florida Conference for Young People in A.A., where he volunteers as a group officer and works on creating marketing materials for their organization. Cameron reports that he is happy to be in treatment and has shared that he has become more productive, accountable, and responsible since getting sober.


My name is Monika, I got married 3 years ago. At that time my husband had a 2 year-old daughter (she is 5 now) from a previous relationship and I had a 17 year-old son from a previous relationship (he is 20 years old now.)

My relationship with my husband was challenging at the beginning because I did not know how to parent his child. She is a sweet and active girl but tended to ignore my instructions and was seeking for attention constantly so she tended to interrupt conversations. My husband tended to please his child with everything she wanted without putting limits.

When we met the Triple P practitioner, I was in charge of disciplining the child and I felt my husband was  spoiling her. I was using time out but I was not sure about the appropriate length of time and the need to explain the rules. I also tended to lose my patience when the child ignored my instructions. When my husband came home after work, the child would complain about the way I disciplined her and my husband tended to be upset with me.

The Triple P practitioner helped us realize that we needed to work as a team in order to educate the child in a positive way, being good role models. My husband and I started talking more about the positive ways to discipline the child and the ways to strengthen our relationship as a couple. We applied different strategies from the Triple P classes such as spending quality time with our daughter and taking care of our relationship. 

Things are improving after the Triple P classes. My stepdaughter has been behaving very well at home and school. She is paying more attention and complying with our instructions. We are using more rewards for appropriate behaviors and less time-outs. We are spending more quality time as a family and the communication between my husband and I is better.

We are very thankful with the Triple P services. Now we feel more confident when disciplining our child and she is doing great.  


Sally is a success story of the Partners for Change Program at Center for Family Services (CFS).  She initially began to receive services at CFS as part of her Drug Court program and she successfully completed the Drug Court Program requirements.  Like many people in recovery, Sally was experiencing day to day issues that she was concerned would affect her sobriety.  At 17 months clean Sally voluntarily re-enrolled to counseling to address feelings of low self-esteem, relationship issues with family and friends, and to focus on taking care of herself.  Through self-discovery, modification of her behaviors, and reaching out to supports Sally was able to successfully address all of these issues and now feels confident in herself and her abilities. Sally is incredibly active in the South Florida recovery community and currently works at a substance abuse treatment facility helping others who are struggling with the same battles she has been able to overcome.  In addition to her hard work and commitment to her own recovery, Sally attributes her growth and positive change to the Partners for Change Program.  She states, “The therapists are amazing.  They are so loving and have good insight.” 

Pablo is a single father of 4 children who received Triple P services at Center for Family Services.  A year ago, Pablo was given custody of his three younger children and suddenly found himself a full time single parent.  Parenting is hard work for all parents and “Triple P is exactly what we needed.”  He enrolled in Triple P services and in a very short time was able to see a difference in his children’s behavior.  Triple P helped him manage his children’s behavior and he was able to implement parenting strategies that helped his children behave in more desirable ways.  Pablo states:  “Without this program I probably would have pulled all my hair out…constant tantrums have become a thing of the past.”  He is confident about his ability to manage his children’s behavior and overall interactions with the family have become more enjoyable and positive.